On our Benefits of Fiberglass Pools page, we list the benefits of fiberglass pools but let’s talk a little bit more about those benefits as well as the top 3 most common perceived objections to fiberglass swimming pools.

Rugged one-piece construction with a life-time warranty on shell.

Nowadays, FIBERGLASS POOLS designs are luxurious and come with molded steps, benches, coves, and sun decks built-in to the shell of the pool. You know exactly what your pool is going to look like. No leaving it up to the interpretation of the pool builder, hoping that it comes out how you envisioned, as is the case many times when having a concrete pool built.

Another major benefit is longevity. How long do you plan on having your pool? Believe it or not, there have been cases where fiberglass pools have been handed down to children or grandchildren, moved and reinstalled in new locations. With an inground concrete swimming pool, it is doubtful that you will get more than a 7-year warranty. At Oasis Pools, our fiberglass shells come with a life-time warranty!

From drawing board to diving board in just two weeks.

A big appeal to both builders and homeowners is that the installation time for a fiberglass pool is a fraction of that required for concrete pools. The fiberglass shell will be shaped and completely formed in advance then delivered and lowered into the ground, and in many cases filled in the same day; whereas the construction of a concrete pool takes place in phases over weeks or even months.

Fiberglass swimming pools are the perfect solution for families who want to go swimming as soon as possible in their own inground swimming pool!

Easier cleaning and fewer chemicals.

Fiberglass swimming pools have the LOWEST lifetime cost of ownership and maintenance. It’s true that fiberglass pools have a higher initial cost; this comes from the quality resins, fiberglass reinforcement materials, and how well the swimming pool is built. There is never a need for liner replacements or resurfacing like vinyl liner and gunite/concrete pools.

No one likes swimming in an over chlorinated pool. With fiberglass, the surface does not interact with the water or alter the water chemistry the way cementitious materials do. Once the pH and alkalinity are set in a fiberglass pool, the balance remains far more stable resulting in very low chemical usage.

The non-porous surface of the fiberglass also makes it less likely for dirt to stick or algae to grow on the floor or walls of the pool. This means you don’t have to brush the pool as often and your chemicals don’t have to work as hard.

Salt Pools are becoming ever more popular, but it’s hard on concrete and metal surfaces.
Salt chlorinators, chlorine, fresh water systems, and ozone systems are all compatible with fiberglass swimming pools.

A wide selection of sizes to choose from.

There is a plethora of standard shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of configurations available from the many fiberglass pool manufacturers. It is only when someone is wanting an unusually large custom size pool (larger than 16 feet wide), that delivery and installation become an issue.

Fiberglass pools now come with a variety of features including vanishing edges, attached spas, and water features. Add to that all the different color finishes available, you can have a truly unique looking pool.


Stronger than concrete, yet safely flexes with ground shifts.

Fiberglass pools are incredibly strong, durable, UV resilient, and easy to own. Because a fiberglass pool has much more ability to flex, it’s more resistant to ground movement. This makes fiberglass pools fantastic for hot and cold temperatures and different weather climates like we have here in Oklahoma.

Superior gel coat surface.

Fiberglass swimming pools have smooth clean gelcoat finishes that clean easily and are stain resistant. The non-porous surface of the fiberglass gel coat inhibits algae growth and reduces the amount of chemicals required to maintain the pool.

Just as a boat or yacht can be repaired. Fiberglass swimming pools can be easily repaired on site. The fiberglass gel coat surface is thick and can allow for buffing and sanding of scratches if necessary.

Smoother surface to swim suits and skin.

No more experiencing the pain of scraping your skin against the concrete or ending up with raw bleeding toes, like we’ve all done so many times. The surface of fiberglass pools is smooth to the touch and not abrasive like gunite/concrete. There are no sharp edges or rough finishes.

Also take into consideration that fiberglass is almost always the number one choice when it comes to slides at waterparks, sailboats, motorboats, surfboards, and jet skis. It’s the perfect skin friendly material for swimming pools for the same reasons.

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