Inground fiberglass swimming pools are the ultimate in backyard upgrades. If you’ve always wanted one, Oasis Pools Swimming Pool Contractor can help.

We know it’s a big investment, and there are lots of choices to be made regarding size, shape, placement, and type. That’s why we’ve made sure that the basics are covered with our standard equipment package so that you can focus on the bigger decisions.

Your inground fiberglass pool package will come with standard equipment that  includes the following:

  • Filter and Pump
  • Plumbing Kit
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Pool Light
  • Automatic Chlorinator

Standard equipment for Tulsa Fiberglass Pools includes high-quality filtration systems, durable pool covers, and energy-efficient pumps. Each installation comes with essential maintenance tools, such as brushes and skimmers, ensuring optimal cleanliness and longevity. With Oasis Pools, customers can expect top-notch equipment designed to enhance their swimming experience while minimizing upkeep efforts.