Strong, Durable inground Fiberglass Swimming Pools in Exquisite Shapes & Designs.
Call Oasis Pools Swimming Pool Contractor today to go over the best pool shape to enhance your backyard. We can assist you with selecting the right pool and show how we can then customize the concrete exterior, or add a few fun features to beautify any of our fiberglass pools!


Aries Fiberglass Pool Shape

This large sized classic swimming pool, features a set of stairs at the shallow entrance and one mid way through the pool.
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Calypso Fiberglass Pool Shape

Many features available with the large, free-form inground fiberglass pool, even an underwater bench at the deep end of the pool, and a built-in tanning ledge!
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Eclipse Fiberglass Pool Shape

This smaller 26 foot modern free form swimming pool has natural flowing curves and swirling edges.
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Enterprise Fiberglass Pool Shape

A smaller 25 foot inground fiberglass pool with swirling curves and edges. Perfect for the smaller backyard oasis.
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Gemini Fiberglass Pool Shape

This modern large sized, mid-depth swimming pool has an elegant distinct shape  to add flair to any backyard.
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Geneis Fiberglass Pool Shape

This extra large modern free form inground fiberglass pool comes with bench seating and swim outs. Over 8 ft deep. Large enough for parties and gatherings!
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Halo Fiberglass Pool Shape

Large swimming pool, 40 x 16 ft wide with entrances on both sides of the pool. A fiberglass pool with old world style and charm.
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Inception Fiberglass Pool Shape

Classic square shaped inground fiberglass pool with stairs on one end and a ledge on the other. 5’4 depth to make the most of your swimming pool games and outdoor fun.
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Mariner Fiberglass Pool Shape

Larger, 5 ft depth inground fiberglass pool with one set of steps on shallow 3 ft and 3 cooling benches for relaxing in the sun. Lots of room for family gatherings.
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Nebula Fiberglass Pool Shape

Mid-size, deeper pool with harmonious curves, swirling edges and universal appeal. Starting depth of 4’6, but has bench seating, and wonderful step options.
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PurseusFiberglass Pool Shape

Large pool with steps and larger 3’5 wading area with a steeper slope that drops to 8 ft depth. This inground fiberglass pool is perfect for the family of younger and older children or for the summer party!
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Neutron Fiberglass Pool Shape

Perfect for the smaller backyard or area. This smaller, curvy, inground  fiberglass pool offers elegance, without taking up a log of space. Wider steps and an extra bench.
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Quantum Fiberglass Pool Shape

Medium size inground fiberglass pool in a rectangle, classical shape.  4’4 level across. Steps on both sides for easy access and resting.
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Sentari Fiberglass Pool Shape

Large inground fiberglass pool with a free-form shape and a depth of 5 ft 10. Nice and easy gradual slope with many areas to relax with three separate swim out benches
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